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The security term


12 Security words

The words appearing in a unique order, generated in the Business Application. A business representative (e.g. a user of Business Application) can use them to generate their encryption keys.

Encryption keys

A combination of letters, numbers and symbols, generated by Business Application once a user types in their 12 security words in the correct order. These keys can be downloaded in a protected file and a user can store it in a safe place. To unlock this protected file in the future, a user should create their encryption password before downloading the file.

Encryption keys are used to decrypt the encrypted customer data, which a user got access to.

Encryption password

A password that users must create to be able to unlock a protected file, which contains their encryption keys.

Client ID and Client secret

A combination of ID and password, generated by Business Application. A user should record them once they are generated, as they will be visible only once.

– They can be used to ask the Business Application for access to customer data, which is fetched using APIs.

– They can be generated again many times in case a user would lose or forget them.

API (Application Programming Interface)

A code that allows a piece of software or hardware to communicate with another piece of software or hardware.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

A set of tools, libraries, relevant documentation, code samples, processes and guides that allow developers to create software applications on a specific platform.

If an API is a set of building blocks that allow for the creation of something, an SDK is a full-fledged workshop, facilitating creation far outside the scopes of what an API would allow.

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